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Foreign economic activity

During the years of work we have built up deep ties with our partners and achieved considerable success in international cooperation in sphere of supplying foreign customers with Belarusian products of the highest quality

Flexible terms of cooperation and efficiency of solving tasks are our main advantages.

Among our export partners are the following countries: Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Vietnam, China, Israel, Ghana, Panama.

Also we are planning product deliveries to Bulgaria, Czech Republic and France in the nearest time.

JV “Malinovschiznensky Distillery – “Akvadiv” Ltd. offers cooperation in sphere of deliveries of spirit, vodka and liquors.

Innovative spirit production technology was implemented at the distillery. The technology does not have analogues in Belarus – full cycle of production: from acceptance and storage of grain up to ready products manufacturing. All the process complies completely with international quality standards ISO 9001-2001. Also the distillery uses system of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP), environment management system ISO 14001-2005 and occupational safety management system in accordance with STB 18001-2005.

We propose you to import:
  • Vodkas of low price segment (HS code 2208 60 110 0) at the price from 0.35$ (FCA);
  • Vodkas of medium price segment (HS code 2208 60 110 0);
  • Premium segment vodkas (HS code 2208 60 110 0);
  • Bitters (HS code 2208 90 560 9);
  • Balsams (HS code 2208 90 690 0);
  • Fusel oil (HS code 3824 90 980 9).

When we cooperate with foreign partners, we offer putting of importing country’s excise stamps on products in case it is necessary.

We are ready to organize products delivery by motor, railway and marine transport to any place of the world.

Regarding cooperation please contact:
+375 17 506-25-17
Excessive alcohol consumption can cause health problems
22 Tsentralnaya str., Malinovschina vill., 222315,
P.O. Lebedevo, Molodechno district, Minsk region
+375 176 59-14-13
Export-Import Department:
+375 17 506-25-17
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